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Professional engineering

King Chuang Technology has a complete electronic, structural and manufacturing engineering team. With rich project experience, King Chuang has rich experience in ID design, ergonomics, mechanical design, electronic design, scheme design and wireless transmission, etc. From project input to finished product output, the engineering team provides a full range of supporting services.

Lean manufacturing

King Chuang Technology's manufacturing department provides one-stop services such as high-quality finished product assembly, aging test and fine packaging. In addition, it is equipped with high-speed precision SMT and injection molding departments as well as the equipment used in leading the industry. We cooperate with the company's fully covered inline system to truly achieve efficient and transparent production links, so that product quality can be traced and controlled.


With the transformation plan of King Chuang Technology and the market's demand for EMS upgrade, the company has planned a series of production line automation solutions. The enterprise dismantles the production process according to the actual production category, and performs unitized automation upgrades for the station. The equipment is modularized and can be adjusted flexibly to respond flexibly to different production needs. The automated production line is connected to the enterprise system, and data can be uploaded and downloaded in real time, further improving the operation efficiency of the enterprise.

Quality control

King Chuang Technology firmly believes that quality is the foundation of enterprise development. Enterprises strictly establish to improve their own quality assurance system in strict accordance with the requirements of the international quality management system ISO9001: 2015 and the international hazardous substance management system QC080000: 2005, IECQ, HSPM. From supplier evaluation, material procurement, raw material inspection, production process control to finished product shipment, these are perfect, systematic, scientific inspection and operation specifications to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

Customer tracking

The company has a capable service team that communicates directly with its customers around the world to fully understand and meet the needs to the greatest extent. Thanks to the transparency of King Chuang's internal system, the team can quickly and effectively exchange information with customers and communicate the production status.


King Chuang Technology has spent two years, based on its own optimized and solidified operating process as a blueprint, tailor-made a diversified integrated management system of King Chuang Technology Kive. The system covers business, R & D, procurement, production, quality control, finance, administration, supply chain and other modules. On the premise of ensuring the security of the data, the data can be updated in real time, and collaboration between departments which can be paperless.view details

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Shenzhen KING Chuang Tech & Electronic Co., Ltd., Ltd. is a private enterprise with strong technical and economic strength. Founded in 2004 in Baoan District, Shenzhen.