King Chuang Technology's injection workshop has 26 Toshiba all-electric servo-driven high-speed injection molding machines. Each machine is equipped with a STAR-servo-driven manipulator as standard, and uses high-standard MATSUI Matsui-auxiliary equipment to ensure the quality of plastic parts. Each machine is equipped with a pigment supply machine (color masterbatch or toner) to improve the color requirements of the product and to eliminate the color difference of the product; each machine is equipped with a water mold temperature control machine, which has high temperature control accuracy, high performance as well as more Function with quick response and no pollution.


KingChuang 2019Service and Product Guide booklet, easy to read and choose all the services you need to provide

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  • All-electric high-speed injection molding machine

  • All-electric high-speed injection molding machine

  • MATSUI Matsui Drying and Conveying Machine

  • Matsui Matsui mold temperature controller

  • Single color masterbatch

  • Low speed nozzle crusher

  • Low speed nozzle crusher-full load overload alarm

  • Toshiba injection molding machine

  • Conveying all-in-one DMD4- optical dryer

  • Drying and conveying machine MJ5-i-150

  • Drying and conveying machine MJ5-i-1500

  • Cooling water system

  • Double-group masterbatch

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