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King Chuang Technology has been working hard on the core of energy efficiency, data innovation, corporate management, process optimization, etc., looking for the future, which has lasted for several years, taking the current situation of enterprise information interconnection as the basic direction, and at the same time drawing on the advanced industry. The operation process is a blueprint, and a diversified comprehensive management system based on Kive collaboration has been effectively created. Its system content covers business, research, development, procurement, production, quality control, finance, administrative personnel, supply chain and other types of modules. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of data, we strive to achieve the dual guidance of real-time data updates and paperless operations of the department. In the future, we will start now, changing day by day, and integrate industrialization and informatization into the "minor details" of enterprise management. In the meantime, it has become an advantageous platform for world industrial interconnected big data.


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Under the premise of upgrading the site and production equipment, King Chuang Technology has also invested in the upgrade of the management system. Based on its own optimized and solidified operation process, it took two years to build the King Chuang Technology Intelligent Management System. The system covers business, research, development, procurement, production, quality, finance, administration and supply chain. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of data, real-time data update and inter-department collaboration are paperless. The system realizes platform adaptation and can be accessed on various terminal devices.

King Chuang Technology Intelligent Management System has a device interface, which can be interconnected with production equipment to monitor and manage production operations in real time. Through the extracted data, the system can also record, analyze and generate documents. In the next step, the system will develop an interface that allows customers to check the progress of related orders.

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