Social Responsibility

Abide by the laws and regulations, protect the interests of employees, build a green and harmonious park, and become an enterprise respected by the society.


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King Chuang Technology has spared no effort in optimizing international social issues such as environmental protection, green energy, energy saving and consumption reduction, enforcement of laws and regulations, and employee care. From laying solar clean power systems in the park to PM2.5 observation points in life and work areas Intervention; from the salary management system that meets the requirements of laws and regulations to the establishment of employee stock ownership in advance industry market positions; from the establishment of employee representative meetings to the coverage of life, work, entertainment and accident care; integration of all necessary cooperation The independently developed Kive collaborative diversified management system identifies changes between data and standards, and fully analyzes and effectively connects them. Create King Chuang Park as a socially responsible green data complex that better matches the development of the world.

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Shenzhen KING Chuang Tech & Electronic Co., Ltd., Ltd. is a private enterprise with strong technical and economic strength. Founded in 2004 in Baoan District, Shenzhen.