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The company is based in China and expanded to the world. Committed to developing into a world-renowned EMS supplier.


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King Chuang Technology has gained strategic partners from all over the world with its excellent development capabilities, professional service team and excellent production capacity. Enterprises maintain loyalty to customers, as well as they also trust, help each other and maintain long-term cooperative relations.

Brand trust

As a leader in the electronic game machine parts production industry, our company has won the trust of PDP, Big Ben, HORI, Beitong and other first-class enterprises in the industry. The authorized products produced are used in Nintendo, Apple, Disney and other brand products.

Business expansion

King Chuang Technology is committed to its own hardware and software upgrades. With the planning of the new factory area, companies are seeking more opportunities for self-breakthrough and self-improvement based on the gaming machine industry. In recent years, it has actively expanded its business under the category of consumer electronics products, and has successfully achieved results in the fields of audio equipment, smart wear, and personal medical equipment.

Property rights protection

Intellectual property protection is the "infrastructure" that promotes technological iteration, industrial transformation and upgrading, and is also the cultural soil that fosters innovative thinking and cultivates innovative habits.

Pre-development engineering end: In order to ensure the absolute confidentiality of customers' products before going to the market, the company requires that all R & D personnel must sign a confidentiality agreement and establish a strict intellectual property protection process. In addition, the company also encrypts R & D and other technical and commercial documents.

Mid-term ordering system end: King Chuang Technology has its own IT R & D team, independent research and development of ERP system, strict restrictions as well as the definition of various types of documents to read and use permission settings, to protect customers' intellectual property.

Post-manufacturing production end: Each workshop strictly sets access rights. Visiting customers and internal employees of King Chuang Science and Technology must be strictly controlled to avoid the possibility of customers ’products being exposed by unrelated people before being listed, thereby revealing commercial secrets. Therefore strict confidentiality during the production process is achieved.

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Shenzhen KING Chuang Tech & Electronic Co., Ltd., Ltd. is a private enterprise with strong technical and economic strength. Founded in 2004 in Baoan District, Shenzhen.